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What is the HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub is a powerful Sales Technology tool in which you manage all (inbound) sales activities in a user-friendly environment. By using the Sales Hub you can get the most out of your HubSpot CRM. The Sales Hub helps teams to collaborate better, manage sales opportunities centrally and efficiently, automate repetitive tasks, and analyze results in order to steer them better. In short: HubSpot Sales Hub is the ideal Sales Technology tool to contribute to your sales strategy and better turnover.


As a salesperson, why should I use the HubSpot Sales Hub?

The HubSpot Sales Hub offers sales managers several benefits. They can effectively manage sales activities and team performance with features such as deal tracking, sales analytics and pipeline management. In addition, the Sales Hub enables Sales Managers to collaborate with marketing teams, track customer interactions and set up automated (personal) follow-up. This increases productivity, shortens the sales cycle and enables better decisions for growth and success.

As a marketer, why should I use the HubSpot Sales Hub?

The HubSpot Sales Hub provides marketers with an integrated platform with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, allowing them to work seamlessly with Sales. You can track leads and customer interactions, set up automatic follow-ups and gain valuable insights through reports. This helps you as a marketer optimise campaigns, improve lead qualification and create better marketing and sales alignment.


HubSpot AI

Embrace the future of productivity with the easy-to-use AI tools available in the HubSpot Sales Hub.


Conversation Intelligence

Easily track your team’s performance with HubSpot’s conversational AI. HubSpot automatically captures voice data in HubSpot Smart CRM and provides deeper insights into your conversations.


Sales Automation

Create workflows for timed personalised emails, A/B test different messages and create automated tasks for each prospect


Quote Software

Create and send quotes, collect signatures and receive payments from the same place where you manage your deals.


Document Tracking

HubSpot’s document tracking features let you track how prospects respond to your content. Receive notification when a prospect opens or shares a document, so you can send relevant follow-ups in a timely manner.


Meeting Scheduler

Create workflows for timed personalised emails, A/B test different messages and create automated tasks for each prospect

How can we help you?

We can help you implement, set up and integrate HubSpot Sales Hub. Our specialists deal with HubSpot’s various Hubs on a daily basis and will help you implement and set them up based on best practices. More importantly, we are a true partner who will not leave you to your own devices after implementation. Our goal is to help you become and remain successful.

Support & Success package

With our Support & Success packages, we offer quick support for questions and problems, even after implementation. We also help you to continuously achieve your goals and get the maximum return from Sales Technology. So you can be sure of good support and continue to be successful in your marketing and sales activities.

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